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Culture, Music, Food, and more...

With our wonderful blend of influences from Africans, Spanish colonists and Taino Indians, and, there is nowhere on earth quite like the Dominican Republic when it comes to culture.

All you need to do is take a look around you to see evidence of our strong rooted culture and customs, you will taste it in our food, see it in our architecture and hear it in our music.

Food, music, and family are a very big part of our culture, and this is displayed in the many fiestas and festivals we have throughout the year.

So if you want to take a closer look at our culture, and learn more about our island, try our traditional food, explore our heritage, and of course join us for fun at fiesta time!


Puerto Plata Cultural festival

This festival is held in the third week in June, and includes varied examples of Dominican culture, such as concerts, dance shows, folk music presentations, merengue, salsa, blues and jazz performances. There are also theatre shows, and art and craft exhibitions.

Festival Presidente de la Musica Latina

This is a festival of Latin music by Presidente, celebrated every 2 years for 3 days in October. The festival features famous Latin music stars and is held in the Estadio Olimpico Felix Sanchez.

Festival de Merengue

Merengue is the most important dance in the Dominican Republic, and this festival demonstrates the islands love of this national treasure perfectly. The music goes on all night, and once you are all danced out you can take a break in one of the tents for some traditional Domincan food, and a few drinks.


Carnival is a yearly celebration, which is celebrated by everyone in every town. Festivities usually include colourful costumes, parades, dancing, food, and each town adds its own twist to this traditional event.


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Independence Day - World Travel Services Dominican Republic

Independence Day

Independence Day in the Dominican Republic is celebrated on the 27th February, and is a time to remember the sacrifices made by many for Dominican freedom. This day is celebrated with parades, and activities, and families usually meet up for dinner and drinks.

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